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About Us


Roof Revival is an Edinburgh based company serving the central belt of Scotland.


We provide an unrivalled professional roof cleaning and sealing service at extremely competitive rates. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of the work they undertake and take great pride in delivering high quality service.


What We Do


Firstly, we discuss and agree with our customers the level of service required. We will survey the roof and identify any structural problems and determine what remedial action is required and at an agreed cost.


We will then deep clean the roof using commercial power washers. This will remove years of grime, moss, lichens and stains. The roof will then be treated with an eco-friendly fungicide to inhibit further organic growth which is both unsightly and detrimental to the roof matrix.


When we are satisfied that the roof is thoroughly cleaned we apply a sealant (translucent or coloured) that will help in shedding water, inhibit regrowth of moss, lichens, and staining, and provide an attractive finish.


Our Philosophy


Simply, we want to provide a great value for money service that will enhance the looks and value of your property. We promise you that we will carry out all agreed works to a high standard for a previously agreed price.


Your satisfaction with the work we do is our satisfaction of a job well done.


So why not give us the opportunity to discuss your roofing needs?











Moss - a roof's arch enemy


It is not generally known but the Clean Air act which substantially reduced the widespread burning of coal as a primary domestic fuel, and resulted in a lowering of sulphur emissions, was a godsend to moss which has a low sulphur tolerance. Since then moss has become a common site on urban roofs.





Moss is unwelcome because:


  • It leaches acids which break down the roofing substrate, and thus shortens the life of the roof
  • moss retains moisture keeping the roof wetter for longer and adds an unnecessary weight burden. In winter the moisture retained by moss can expand and lift and crack tiles
  • it can be unsightly and may give an impression of lack of good maintenance that may reflect on the whole property and its value.





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